The life of Marine Captain Jewel Dubuclet is shattered when on a routine patrol mission in Afghanistan, her Humvee trips an IED wire. The result is death and devastating casualties for her men, and for Jewel, the loss of her right leg. She is airlifted by helicopter to safety and a state-of-the-art military rehabilitation hospital, but her recovery is stalled. Feelings of shame, guilt, and a loss of her physical identity thrust her into depression. Assisted by a skillful psychologist, who connects the suffering captain to the valor of an historic  Queen, and the tenacity of her driving physical trainer, Jewel gradually accepts her new normal and the unforeseen promise of love it brings.


Stolen Rainbow honors the sacrifices and courage of women who are valiant, wounded warriors.


excerpt from Stolen Rainbow …


She wasn’t tracking time, but it seemed only minutes later that she was choked in the dust storm that signaled the landing of a Black Hawk copter carrying medics. At that moment, she thanked whatever angels her forever praying mama had sent to protect her. She wouldn’t die in the dust of Afghanistan. Glancing sidelong she recognized the green and white handkerchief knotted around her tattered stump. It hadn’t been lucky for Gunner Avery, but it had saved her life.

The blades of the helicopter sliced through the air as the dead and wounded were quickly loaded onto stretchers and then hoisted aboard the copter. Only then did Captain Jewel Dubuclet finally release command and lose consciousness.